REVOLUTION BOOKS - $10,000 by June 15th. 
It's time to seize a future fit for humanity. 

Genocide, wars of occupation, climate crisis... We REFUSE this system's future! 
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As of June 15, the last day of the fund drive, we have over-fulfilled the goal and together raised $11,268. Thank you to all the donors and friends who are refusing this system's future and supporting this beacon for a whole new world!

Urgently needed: people seriously digging into the true history and “way of life” of America, digging into the source of all this injustice and oppression, and the solution to it: a real revolution. 

Urgently needed: open-minded engagement and principled debate over different views, programs and solutions to the biggest questions facing humanity, at a time of intensifying divides throughout society and amidst existential danger. (Photo: Andy Zee, Revolution Books Spokesperson; Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ, and Peter Kimani at Revolution Books)

Urgently needed: people getting into, debating and spreading the work & up to the minute analysis of Bob Avakian, revolutionary leader, author and architect of a whole new framework for human emancipation: the new communism. Starting with: Real Revolution, In This Time: What the Powers-That-Be Don't Want You to Know. @BobAvakianOfficial on all social media platforms.

Urgently needed: REVOLUTION BOOKS, to play an expanded and essential role in opening all this up!

"What characterized the truly massive movement of the 1960s, with all its different tendencies, was a determination to actually put an end to the outrages that people were rising up against, along with a broad sense of 'being in this together in the fight for a better world,' and the generosity of spirit, as well as largeness of mind, that went along with that. One of the significant expressions of this was meaningful discussion and debate about different ideas and programs, within the broad mass movement, where the actual content and substance of opposing positions was gotten into, instead of petty bickering relying on 'cheap shots' and distortion of the views of others—or the refusal to seriously engage views that are different from and might challenge one’s own viewpoint." 
—Bob Avakian, Revolution Dispatch #33
from @BobAvakianOfficial on all social media platforms

AND URGENTLY NEEDED: YOU! You can make all this possible. Join in the campaign. DONATE!

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